Ling.AI Internship  

VUI Research + UX design
Summer 2017
Internship in 2 months

Jibo is a project originally developed by the MIT Media Lab. It is a intelligent assistant as well as  a companion robot in a house hold setting. As product design intern, I worked on Jibo's redesign and localization in Mainland China. 

What I did

During my Intern, I first joined the Jibo China Team, where we were responsible for the localization and redesign of Jibo, the global first social robot from MIT. I conducted extensive user research and moderated over 20 hours of user tests including Wizard of Oz Experiments. Our goal is to design a model of conversational user interface for Jibo to initiate a social conversation with the behavior data it gathered from the users. 

The Project is still under NDA. For more info please contact me : )