Enhancing STEM Education
with AR exploration

Contract project with Astroreality
Fall 2018 | 8 weeks

Astroreality is a startup based in San Francisco, building AR products for learning space, science and life on earth. EarthEd AR is their first educational product through collaboration with Earth Ed in Melbourne, Australia. With the 3D-printed earth models, EarthEd AR offers the customized AR education toolkit designed specifically for the school curriculum involving: Solar distribution, Australia minerals, Volcano information etc.

Earth Ed Banner.png

My Role

As the project lead, I wore multiple hats from overseeing product development to defining specific design decisions. In the course of three months, I was responsible for carrying the project forward through constant cross functional communication with educators in Australia and our engineering team in San Francisco.


Identify New Business Opportunity

Prior to Earth Ed, Astroreality’s targeted users are mostly astronomy enthusiasts or general consumers who have the appetite for new tech products. Thus, Earth Ed as the pilot project provided new opportunities to explore collaboration within the education industry. Here is more to read about their new vision for AR x STEM education.

Feedback from Our Client

“We have run the program three times this week, and it has been a great success! The students are highly engaged, and the learning is rich and self-directed, which was one of our goals.”

— Trish Dower, Coordinator/Educator of Earth Ed


Looking into the Future of AR & Eduction

While AR is proven to be effective in improving student’s classroom engagement, covering a wide range of educational contents is still quite challenging. A lot of my work in this project is to leverage Astroreality’s existing AR capabilities and map them with Earth Ed contents. In order to scale from one specific case, future works are needed to establish greater AR templates that might allow flexible customization from educators directly.